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What do they really know about 'lead-safe' work methods?

Whichever way you look at it, having to deal with lead-based paint is always going to be more time-consuming and expensive than a straightforward re-paint. The question is, how to ensure that you get 100% value for the extra money?

The sensible course of action, advised by Defra and the British Coatings Federation, should be to hire the services of an established decorating company with experienced professionals. Shouldn't it?

Better yet, hire one with a TrustMark, CHAS (Construction Health and Safety Scheme) or similar accreditation. Of course!


It is not safe to assume anything when it comes to contractor knowledge or experience of working safely on old lead painted surfaces - whoever they are or however big they are. Any competent contractor with the right training and guidance, however, should be more than capable of implementing 'lead-safe' work practices when required.  A 'lead-safe' contractor should understand how to use lead paint test techniques before and after a job to determine likely exposure risks.  A Free Lead Paint Test from LiPSA can help with this.

"If it cannot hurt you, it cannot harm you" seems to be the philosophy of most people likely to be affected by lead exposure risks in construction related activities. Remember, even quite serious lead exposure can occur without it being visible. ONLY AN ANALYSIS OF BLOOD LEAD LEVELS (BLLs) can quantify a person's lead exposure.

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