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Lead is a neurotoxin - it affects the brain.  Absorbing microscopic amounts of lead can adversely affect your health, especially young children's and (pregnant) women's.

The only way to determine individual cases of lead exposure or lead poisoning is to measure blood lead levels (BLLs). This can be done by means of a blood or saliva check, using laboratory analysis.

If you have a confirmed case of elevated blood lead levels, at or above 5µg/dl (micrograms per decilitre) for children or 10µg/dl for adults, YOU MUST TRY TO IDENTIFY THE SOURCE, SEVERITY AND EXTENT OF THE LEAD EXPOSURE RISK THAT CAUSED IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
LiPSA is pleased to arrange pro bono lead surveys, considered on a case by case basis, for those in particular need.

For more information about LEAD SURVEYS and TESTING:  click  HERE

For more information about LiPSA's 'FREE LEAD PAINT TEST':  click  HERE

Whether your lead exposure concerns are commercial or personal you need to be absolutely sure that you tackle the problem in a timely and effective way - without incurring unnecessary extra costs.  LiPSA can help you identify the most appropriate solution for your particular needs.

LiPSA can advise on the most appropriate course of action to:

Identify lead paint hazards and their likely contribution to overall lead exposure

Isolate and/or remove* the exposure source/s.

Manage and/or reduce future lead exposure.

Recommend a decontamination and cleaning/maintenance programme to achieve recognised, health-based standards of cleanliness.

An excellent source of health and general information about lead can be found on the Health Protection Agency (HPA) website.

Exposure Category
Health Effects
Seizure, coma, death.

ADULT Females

Miscarriage, stillbirth, damage to the unborn child.
Impotence, reduced fertility.

Reduced IQ, behavioural problems, brain damage.


Dogs are more susceptible than cats. Most animals are just as vulnerable to lead exposure as humans (except chickens!)

* PLEASE NOTE: The complete removal of lead-based paint from a room or an entire building, known as 'lead abatement', is not necessarily the most appropriate course of action. It can be time-consuming and expensive and, if done incorrectly, can create an even bigger problem than existed in the first place. Call us first.