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Government advice on lead paint in pre-1970 homes (they say pre-'1960s') is simple enough:

"The people most at risk from lead are young children and pregnant women.

If you think the paintwork is likely to get knocked or chewed by young children, or scratched by pets, or if it could be damaged in some other way that could release dust into your home, it would be best to sort it out now.

If you think your home does have lead paintwork, especially if it's in bad condition, peeling or flaking - it's best to be on the safe side".

Most painting and decorating 'professionals' do not know they must comply with the Control of Lead at Work Regulations, 2002 (CLAW), let alone the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations, 2015 ('CDM').  Make sure anyone you employ is aware of their obligations, and is capable of fulfilling them, because your home could be their next workplace!

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