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THIS WEEK: 27th Feb. - 5th March, 2017

Association for Project Safety (APS) Training: Construction Lead (Paint & Dust) Hazards, Crawley

2016, October: LeadSAFE TV Commentary on the One Show story about Lead in Paint on Playground Equipment.

2016, October: LeadSAFE TV goes 'live' for pre-launch phase.

2016, September 26: BBC Video from the One Show: Lead Paint in Playgrounds

2016, June: PROHIBITION NOTICE (PN) issued by Health & Safety Executive against LOCAL AUTHORITY for LEAD HAZARDS NON-COMPLIANCE, exposing workers and children.

2016, March 16th: Health fears over stripping of lead paint at primary school...* (see also Prohibition Notice above)

NOTE: Although LiPSA received various calls from concerned parents associated with this case, it has had no formal contact with Bearsden Primary School, the Local Authority or the Health and Safety Executive for specialist guidance. Consequently, LiPSA cannot accept any responsibility for comments or inferences that could be drawn from the content of this article. In particular, LiPSA must refute the existence of a "normal level" of lead in paint. LiPSA also understands that parents have not seen evidence of the paint test or lead survey results and that no recognised independent lead specialist has been engaged or independent clearance testing undertaken ahead of premises re-occupation.

2016, January: Public Health England (PHE) correspondence to the mother of a lead-exposed child reveals; "even non-lead paint...can cause lead poisoning".

2015, March 17th: The country's best state primary school is embroiled in a row with parents over plans to excavate lead and asbestos as part of a major refurbishment with children still on the premises.

2014, December 12th: A Hampshire fabrication company have been fined for exposing workers to lead during refurbishment work...