26 April, 2021

Lead-Containing Paint & Dust are Everywhere

According to the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) all painted material should be assumed to contain lead unless there is good evidence to prove otherwise. The HSE website has also stated that “if preparing paintwork, lead surveys” are advised. Who knew?!

Lead and paint dust hazards (including the historic build-up of leaded fuel exhaust particles in floor, ceiling, roof and other voids) in construction and DIY remain the ‘elephant in the room’ – an everyday occurrence for most of those whose work involves:

Asbestos surveys, remediation or abatement and removal.

Routine cleaning, maintenance & repairs.

Refurbishment & redecoration.

Inspections & retrofit installations, including mechanical & electrical (M&E); heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC); data & fibre communications.

Soft-stripping and demolition.

New-build activities, including lead sheet and roofing works.